Rock Star, Baby - photographed by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris May 2011
Freja Beha Erichsen plays a rock star in this fantastic editorial. I'm sure she enjoyed her role.
Does anyone know where the colourful blazer and leather jacket from the second and third picture are from? I can't read the micro font... 
Have a great Saturday!

The Burberry Studded Leather Jackets
If you adore leather and studs as much as I do those jackets will blow you away and stay in your mind forever! When I first saw them I was like "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!

I thought only Christophe Decarnin from Balmain could design this awesome garments (Yes, I know, I was wrong!!!)...But now it seems that both Christophe(r)s are the masters of creating such heavenly pieces!

Guys, start saving NOW!!!

Anja Rubik's Style
Everyone who likes Anja Rubik will go crazy now! Here are some pictures of her personal style which is always feminine with a rock vibe!
Are you too a fan of her? 

Zara Zara Zara

Zara top & trousers, Office shoes, Accessorize bag, necklace & ring, H&M sunglasses, Barry M nail paint
Who else loves Zara so much? Spanish brands are so cool, like Stradivarius, Bershka and Mango (to name a few). But Zara is definitely the best. And the fact that they have new deliveries each week makes it perfection, hahaha.
Dressing in colour is one of my favourite things. I love colour and want to be around it as much as possible! So painting my nails in these gorgeous shades was absolute necessary.
Do you prefer wearing colour or darker shades?

My current favourite Zara dress/tunic

Christian Louboutin's Lady Peep Spikes
Pink studs on gold leather with a skyscraper heel? Ultimative dream come true!!!

Acne Pixel Boots
This is something you'll love when you look at it for a longer period. Like Jeffrey Campbell's Litas.
Both Pixels are really rough and badass but super cool. What do you think of them? Love or hate?

Twiggy 2.0 ?

Mia Wasikowska via
 Twiggy via
Hola, look what I just found! Mia Wasikowska gracing Blackbook's April cover. First I thought that would be Twiggy! They captured the mood perfectly, even the make-up matches.
Pretty cool, eh? I'm off to bed now... 

The First Sunshine

H&M blazer & top, Tally Weijl jeans, Diesel shoes, Asos bag, Vintage sunglasses, Topshop necklace

On the weekend we went to Schönbrunn in Vienna for a walk under the spring sun. After a week of rain and stormy weather it was finally sunny!
I shot more detailed pictures of the accessories for you; the shoes, the bag and the sunnies. 
Speaking of the bag: a few days ago I saw it in the online shop again but this time it is light brown leather instead of black. It looks really nice for spring, so make sure you check it out here.
Which colour do you prefer?

A Diamond in the Roughage - photographed by Richard Burbridge for The New York Times
What a great idea is that? Flowers and jewellery combined! This could easily be from a famous fashion magazine.
Check out the mask in the last picture!


 Zara dress & waistcoat, Vintage leather jacket, Diesel shoes, ? tights, Asos bag, Topshop necklace

Yeeeeey! My first outfit post!!! This is so cool; the blog is getting more professional, haha :D
I don't know yet wheter I'll frequently post my daily outfit choices, let's see... I want the blog to be a mix of my interests (obviously) and not be only focused on one particular theme. But hey, I can change my mind in a few months?!

I would like to hear/read your opinion on what you like to see on the blog. Tell me guys, please :D

I want to thank Madeline from Jean Greige that she mentioned me on her blog! I mean, I just sent her an editorial with shoes I thought she would like and bang I found it on her ultracool blog! People who already read her daily posts will know that she has a very cool and unique style! I love how she throws everything together (in a good way!), not to mention the dozens of super awesome rings she wears. Her style is very relaxed, in a cool and dreamy way. You can look at her outfit for a very long time and you'll find so many interesting details, I promise!
Now go and check her out!

Wild is the Wind - photographed by Mark Segal for Vogue China May 2011
This is so cool, when I saw the editorial first I couldn't stop thinking "niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", hahahahaha.
Seriously, it captures the Wild Wild West perfectly (my knowledge is based on movies :D).
Those Roberto Cavalli trousers in the 4th picture make me crazy! Am I the only one?

What is your favourite western clothing item? The Rodarte jacket & skirt? The Miu Miu jacket?
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