Balmain SS11

Here you are! My favourite SS11 collection designed by Christophe Decarnin for Balmain. It's pure punk with a little glam touch. The reason I posted all 32 looks is obviously because I love them all! Black leather, shredded tops, studded garments, bleached and metallic trousers and rough jackets - all those items are the dream!

In summer I have to customise a jacket with leather, studs and safety pins. A bit of bleach should also be thrown in! That's a DIY project I'm looking forward to!

Unfortunately, it was announced in April this year that designer Christophe Decarnin has left the fashion house Balmain. Olivier Rousteing, who is with Balmain since 2009, will replace him from now on. I'm very curious to see his work.
Also, there will be a diffusion line from this autumn, this means that garments similar to the main collections will be sold at much cheaper prices. The designs will launch under the name Pierre Balmain, the man who founded the brand in 1945.

What about you? Do you like this collection? What do you think about the designer replacement?

Item of Desire - Black and White striped Jeans

Since I'm in London my style is developing slightly into punk direction... I Like that :D I'm also more interested in Doc Martens, Winklepicker boots (like these ones), anything studded and rough leather of course! 

Let's talk about the desired item - it's the jeans from Motel Rocks! They're just so cool! Fun fact: I absolutely don't like horizontal stripes but adore vertical ones! I don't get that...
Those jeans you can combine with anything, blazers, crop tops, long shirts, oversized cardigans and the list goes on!

Tomorrow I'm going to post one of my favourite collections from this season, I'm sure you can guess which one I'm talking about (hints: ripped tees, studded jackets and much much leather)
Have a great night guys!

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All You Can Get – photographed by Ryan Yoon for Virgine Magazine

Those extravagant photographs are sourced from the premier issue of Virgine Magazine. They show dresses made out of unusual items such as iPads, Coke cans or motorbikes. My favourite one has to be the M&M dress!
Tell me guys, what do you think?

Behind The Scenes - Black Swan

The costumes which were designed for the ballet thriller movie Black Swan are a pleasure for the eyes. Costume designer Amy Westcott and Rodarte founders Laura and Kate Mulleavy made it their duty to create the breathtaking ballet costumes.

Here you can see some behind the scenes photographs which include several of the masterpieces. I don't know how long it takes to bring the designs to life but I believe it is a long and hard process. I'm sure it needs to be stiched by hand, fitted personally to the wearer and corrected a couple of times. This requires real passion, dedication and patience. And in the end you can see your work floating and dancing on the stage! How wonderful is that?

Shoe Friday #1

via, collage by me
Because I know that you are an obsessive shoe lover ;-) I created a new blog section.
Let me introduce you to Shoe Friday! Each Friday from now on I will select some shoes and post a picture of them. Via the comment section you can tell me which design you like more. It's like a shoe poll :D Tell me if you like the idea.

So, let's start with today's choices! Do you prefer the "look at me" neon yellow heel or the classical and more "reserved" one?

Flowers, Glitz and Neon Sunnies

Green mirrored shades and pink matte lipstick are perfection...

Baggy Jeans REstyled

This is absolutely cool! The mix of the studded leather jacket, baggy jeans and super high heels makes it look great! I'm always saying one pair of shoes transforms the entire outfit. Imagine that look with sneakers/Converse/Underground creepers/Doc Martens/ballet pumps... You get what I'm saying!

Good night guys :D

Yohji Yamamoto SS11

I'm sure most of you have seen this collection already but I'll post it again, just to remind each other of Mr Yohji Yamamoto's mastered shapes! 

Black is normally a colour I only wear in winter and even then I tried to avoid it but those pieces are totally different from the norm. They make black look more interesting and appealing to me. The magic comes from their shapes and how they are cut. I would love to wear one of those black, assymetric dresses and mix it with all kind of things. The boots used by the designer make the look appear even more heavy but he manages to break it off with the beautiful pale faces and bodies of the models.

The colourful prints he designed are like the ultimate opposite to the thick, black garments. It's very strange for me to see such a dark clothing combined with a fruity piece, but it seems to work!
And last, can anyone tell me if the skirt is made out of air mattress material?? It looks very much like it hahaha!
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