Shiny, pointy and metal

This is obviously not a real gold bullion! Just saying...

When I experimented with my camera a few days ago I wanted to capture all my pointed jewellery in a cool background! So I took the money, silver foil and door stopper which looks like a gold bar, how awesome? The outcome is pretty shiny and provides a cold effect which I like.

My pointed jewellery "addiction" started with Topshop when I saw the silver-grey necklace and continued with the golden earrings. Then I went to forever21 and spotted the more obvious golden necklace which is really beautiful because it's so shiny! But I love them all :)

Do you love a specific jewellery design?

                                                                      ~*I wont update the blog for the next 2 weeks as I'll be on holiday*~
                                                                                     Thank you for your patience and understanding!!!

Wearing a bit of Native America - just a bit..

H&M shirt, Zara fringe shorts, Fabiano sandals, Topshop necklace and earrings, Moschino sunnies and bangles from mum

Wore this a few days ago... I'll say it again (did I say it before actually?): This shirt is so versatile, you can pretty much combine it with everything! Pieces like that are great..
The necklace I'm wearing is a skeleton doll with a bow on her skull and a lilac dress! Really cute! I got it 2 years ago at Topshop and still love it to pieces. Unfortunately she had an accident and lost her right leg!! Maybe I get her a pirate-like wooden leg?

Bulgari by Matthew Williamson

pictures via, collage by me
This is the spectacular outcome of Bulgari's and Matthew Williamson's collaboration! Colourful hexagonal bags who could be able to hypnotise you hahahah! They're not actually clutches, they do have a chain but I removed them for a better effect. Have a great Sunday guys!

White Wash

Zara top, Clockhouse shorts (with belt), H&M flats
Wearing white is always refreshing and a must during summer. I did not want to go totally white so I added blue, pink and golden hues and also painted my eyes blue. Love experimenting with colourful make-up!

Shoe Friday #9

pictures via,,,, collage by me
This goes out to all the people still obsessing over Jil Sander's neon soles! Kurt Geiger launched a shoe just as cool as Jil's and proudly named 'Leonardo'. It's yours for 110£.

German Glamour July 2011 - Ab in die Front Row!

German Glamour, July 2011, scanned by me
I really liked the July issue of the German Glamour magazine. It has great editorials, stories, shopping pages and other remarkable content. One editorial surprised me especially. I scanned it for you to share with because it is very witty and fun. It's called "Ab in die Front Row!" which means "off to the front row!". In the editorial one (yes, only one!) model portrays 10 individual characters with their own unique style. 

They are from past and present and all responsible for huge debates in the fashion industry. Everyone from famous editors, fashion journalists, photographers, singers, stylists and bloggers is included. I became pretty ecstatic when I saw Bryan and Tavi featured in the editorial. Imagine bloggers being so important in this industry! It's a major step and such a drastic change and transforms the fashion industry to a much livelier and modern sector.

Anyway, before we completely drift off topic let's just look at the editorial and enjoy :D

Versace Fall 2011 Campaign photographed by Mert & Marcus

Versace's fall 2011 campaign  is very dramatic, strong and also emphasizes the current theme of androgynous beauty. The newest designs of the Italian house are showcased proudly with a powerful natural background - heat, drought and smoke.
In my opinion it's one of next seasons best campaigns and leaves us looking forward to the collaboration with H&M.

Let's jump into the suit

Love jumpsuit (bought in Topshop), H&M flats, Accessorize bag and necklace, Bipa bracelet
That's what I wore a few days ago. Very comfy and easy. Also the asymmetrical design of the jumpsuit is something different from the typical ones which is super.
Do you like jumpsuits?

Shoe Friday #8

pictures via, collaga by me
This time I'm showing you the first shoes from the fall shows 2011. They're Dolce & Gabbana and are golden and so beautifully sparkly! And the jewels on the high heel add even more glam to the shoe.

Summer Bombshell - photographed by Rony Shram for Vegas Summer 2011

This could help you to feel cooler in the summer heat! One of the best editorials I say :D
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