Shoe Friday #17

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Did you notice? Today I'm showing you only one pair of shoes! Isn't this exciting? No? Well, then I'm going to make it exciting for you :-) Just take a look at those Chelsea boots from Topshop. An all-time classic which will suit all your outfits and give them an instantly cool look! Isn't that what you want? Go and try them on and tell me how they are haha :D

Reem Acra SS12

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As you probably know until now I'm in love with anything gold, shiny and glittery. Therefore Reem Acra's  SS12 collection had a big impact on me; just seeing those beautifully made garments which radiate glamour and luxury made my heart beat faster.
There's a dress for every occassion, ranging from club to ball dress! Which one is your favourite?

Prabal Gurung SS12

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Silk suits are something so wonderful, they really do bridge a gap between masculinity and femininity. The soft, lightweight silk epitomises women's vulnerability but the sharp tailoring adds a tough touch to the suit. Also the colours the designer uses are perfect for spring and the prints quite reminds me of the traditional Chinese dress, the Cheongsam, also called Qipao. 
What a beautiful outcome!

Shoe Friday #16

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And it seems like I'm still in my glitter phase (well actually, it never ended). Red velvet + pink glitter + gold block heel = party shoe perfection!
What do you think? Well hello or omg so no? Hahaha

On another note: One month till I was born this way! ;-)
Have a fab weekend girls! xxx Emily

Bebe SS12

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You can wear white pretty much all year round; in winter it looks fresh and très elegant and in summer... well, the same actually! Bebe's summer collection shows us how it's done during the hot months: in form of a suit, either grown up with long trousers or playful with the shorter version. In both cases you'll have people watching, so it's nothing for wallflowers!

Willow SS12

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New York fashion week is over and we're in the middle of London's fashion presentations. It's time for me to start showing you my favourite looks of next season, started with Willow's SS12 range.
I don't think that we'll see patent leather that often in the next months but I really like those garments. The simple cuts allow the fabric to take center stage and let it shine in it's pride and glory. If I had to choose, I'd go for the jacket as it's cover makes it really stand out of most outerwear garments.
Check back for more of my favourites in the next days! 

Shoe Friday #15

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That's yesterdays Shoe Friday post! This time I'm showing you some playful shoes which you can wear in the evening as well as during the day. Just follow the golden rule: dress up or down :D
My favourites are the velvet brogues with the metallic details. So shinyyyyy!! 

Agyness Deyn by Damon Baker for Stern Magazine September 2011

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Agyness Deyn seems to be back on track! After appearing in this months Elle UK's magazine here we see another contribution of her. And I love that!!
In this editorial she models for stern magazine which is a German weekly news magazine and the focus is on the 90ies. I don't quite get it yet, there seem to be many ideas which the team tried to capture. I need to look at it for a bit longer. What do you think about it?

Well that's a nice one!

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"Hello hello" I thought when I saw this statement coat! It's just screaming the words fierce and bold at me! The fur and the colour add the necessary grunge vibe to it and voila there you have it, a head turning coat designed by new label Blackheart. They called it 'Epic'. How right they are.. Get yours here.


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University only started on Monday and I've already been to the library four times! I love being in libraries; being surrounded by books, encyclopedias and magazines makes me feel like a child in a candy shop! Browsing through the huge amount of shelfs is such a calming and wonderful experience. I absolutely love the thought of being around so many different (fashion) books.

Today I went again to check out the fashion magazine section. They have everything from Italian Vogue to Dazed & Confused and obviously also magazines of which I've never heard before. The first picture for example shows amelia's magazine, a beautiful journal which combines cute illustrations with unique fashion.

In the second picture you can see a fragment of the extensive archive the library keeps. It's mind blowing. I loved browsing through Italian Vogue's October 1991 issue. I think it seemed much more friendly in these days because in nearly every campaign or editorial the models were smiling and laughing which I see very rarely in todays magazines. What do you think?

And I guess you all recognise the one and only Agyness Deyn in the last picture! I took the photo from Elle UK's October issue which devoted it's cover to the British supermodel. I also started to read an article about her but had to stop because the library was closing... So what do you think I'll be doing tomorrow? Visiting the library again of course :D

So Very Feminine

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Currently I am inspired by women and feminine and classy dressing and make up. It never goes out of fashion and is always up to date. Do you like that style?

Guys, a few days ago I moved into student halls and it's so great! The people are so different (countries & cultures) and nice and funny! My room is one of the biggest two in our accomodation, so lucky that I got it! 
On Monday induction week and freshers start so I'm really looking forward to both :) We might do some "fashion week activities" so I'm curious to see what's planned!
How are you? How are your first days back at school/uni? I wish you the very best of time and luck!!!

Shoe Friday #14

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Office have some really cool footwear right now! I particulary love the studded shoes and my favourite has to be the Night Rush Black model with round silver studs one the back of the boot and heel. Click here for more info. The heel is also low (but 1 centimeter less would be perfect for my feet) and makes the boot look stylish and feel comfortable too. Do you like them?

J'adore Dior, New Film

video via Dior's youtube channel
It was only a few nights ago when I watched TV and suddenly a Dior advert came up. It said "Premiere at 9.20pm" and I was curious to know what the French house would be broadcasting. Unfortunately, I missed to tune in at the right time and so couldn't be part of the premiere.
But Jay from Jay Strut made my evening by posting about this very special video. It is the new film for the classic Dior fragrance, J'adore. The audience follows Charlize Theron through the video which also includes three legends of style, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marylin Monroe.
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud it perfectly resembles the Dior woman: chic, sensitive and full of energy

Autumn Spirit - photographed by Greg Kadel for Numéro #126

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It's September my lovelies! That means school and uni start again, fashion week is approaching and the weather is starting to cool down which means we are ready to wear our (new) autumn pieces! Today I've selected an editorial for you which includes clothes for autumn but with a summer spin. If you don't feel ready yet for the colder season and want to keep a bit of summers fun and cheerfulness dive in a bunch of bold jewelry and you're sorted! If you still want to add a bit of a beach vibe than pull out your curler and style yourself some beach locks! Simple as that :D

Shoe Friday #13

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I'm watching those Alexander Wang heeled loafers since the fall accessories and shoes got on's website! Not that I'm buying them anyway, haha! They're just very nice to look at :D The loafer form and the metallic coating makes them the ultimate trend item of this fall and if you want a more subtle shade you can also buy them in black.
Aren't they just gorgeous??
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