Of Metal and Stone - photographed by Christian Anwander for 10 Magazine Winter 2011

Love that editorial! Can you feel the movement, the energy?? It's so dynamic - I wish more magazines could do more stuff like this... 

images via fashiongonerouge.com

Horace SS12

Horace's SS12 collection is super-cool and super easy. With easy I mean the use of the colours - there are only three; black, blue and white. The collection doesn't really look like it's designed for summer but I think that adds to a quite neo-grunge vibe which I like very much. Colour of the season, sea-blue, injects fresh energy into the traditional Horace pieces such as their typical "shredded" clothes (which you can see in the third and seventh picture).
Above you can see some of my favourite looks from the collection. My favourite pieces have to be the bi-coloured blouse in the fifth and sixth picture and the patent leather jacket in the ninth picture.

I still covet and treasure my beloved black knitted jumper which I bought three years ago on Asos. It adds such a strong touch to whatever you wear it with. Below you can see it (it's available in the online shop again, even on a discount at the moment!).

images courtesy of Horace (thank you very much Ayo!) and asos.com

Shoe Friday #25

That's you winter boots sorted!!! You just have to be super careful - don't walk in them in the rain or snow because soon you'll be wearing the grey-brown edition which I bet you don't want ;-) 
Get them here.

image via hm.com

Some new stuff

You probably remember this particular Shoe Friday? Well, it took me a while but I bought the boots haha. Pretty much everyone is walking around in them by now but I don't care. They're also available in light brown, snake print, black and silver glitter, with studs and probably everything else - all that's happening at Topshop guys! So head over...

And the watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted it since it came out in 2008, man was I excited when I saw it the first time! I remember it was in the German Glamour magazine. I cut it out and made it part of one of a pretty cool collage...
It's D&G and it's a men's watch so I obviously had it adjusted... I got it for my birthday one month ago and it's one of the best presents ever! I am so thankful :-)

Shoe Friday #24

The colour of these Jimmy Choo's is so exciting, don't you think? It gets even better when you mix this vibrant fuchsia with snake print...

images via net-a-porter.com and weblog.knuddeltiger.ch, collage by me

Unhate - Benetton's New Campaign

How shocked are you right now??

WOW! Benetton once again managed to shock the world with its campaign. Similar to the kissing priest and nun in the 90s, this ad is causing quite a stir. We see world leaders sharing an intimate moment - but what does Benetton want to tell us?

"What does UNHATE mean? UN-hate. Stop hating, if you were hating. Unhate is a message that invites us to consider that hate and love are not as far away from each other as we think. Actually, the two opposing sentiments are often in a delicate and unstable balance. Our campaign promotes a shift in the balance: don’t hate, Unhate."

True true... what do you think?

images via unhate.benetton.com

Beautiful Excess - photographed by Rafael Stahelin for Harper's Bazaar UK December 2011

Love all the richness and splendour; the more the better...

images via thefashionspot.com

Not Just A Label

 Teachers Cardigan by Josefinstrid
Sound of Rain Tailcoat by Lirfons
 Soul Clover Shoes by Lirfons
Digital Fish Scarf by Yaelle
 Voodoo Skull Bracelet by Jolita_Jewellery

When you dress yourself in the morning I bet you don't want to look like the girl next door. Individuality plays a key role in fashion, whether you follow every new trend or not.

Not Just A Label (NJAL), an online store set up in 2008, is an extraordinary place to find young and innovative designs. NJAL's main concern is to help emerging designers to launch their career and gain a broad audience.

Apart from being an online store, NJAL goes even further with publishing inspiring articles and interviews with their designers to give a broad insight into their thoughts and ideas.

Above you can see my some of my favourite picks from the shop. Make sure to check out Not Just A Label here and "become a black sheep yourself" like they say!

all images courtesy of notjustalabel.com

Shoe Friday #23

 That's the climax of the animal print trend I guess. But it's fun and you know I like funny and bubbly things!

So, to the shoe: Blake Lively was spotted wearing them on the Gossip Girl set recently, looking furry good. Also, SJP was wearing them at a premiere in Moscow in August. The heels, called Alex, are part of Christian Louboutin's A/W 2011 collection.

Whatcha say? Would you like to have hairy toes for a day? ;-)

images via graziadaily.co.uk and thefashionpolice.net

Discuss: Kate Moss' 13-year-old sister's modeling debut

Lottie Moss, Kate Moss' sister, has made her modeling debut. After being noticed by the fashion industry at Kate's wedding in July this year, those photos are no surprise for some fashion observers. Shot by Andrea Carter Bowman, the teenager shows her model potential.

Personally, I am totally against children under the age of 18 to work as models. After all, they are still children and need to enjoy their rather short childhood. These days they grow up even quicker so at least they should have a bit of time before they hit adulthood and start to work. Freedom and carefreeness will never be experienced so much in your later life.

Being a model has a lot to do with knowing your body and how to play with it. At that age children and teenagers don't know. They feel insecure and not calm infront of the camera. To work with them would be harder than with a grown-up model. It would take longer for them to get the concept, strike a pose and much more.

 Also, what is the thing with letting her wear high heels? She's just 13 for Christ's sake! I don't understand why the industry wants younger models to look and act older when they are not. The clothing with what they styled Lottie is definitely too mature for her - too mature for me even and I am 20!

What I want to say is: Just let the children be children. Don't touch them. Leave them out of this industry until they understand it.

images via styleite.com

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