Horace SS12

Horace's SS12 collection is super-cool and super easy. With easy I mean the use of the colours - there are only three; black, blue and white. The collection doesn't really look like it's designed for summer but I think that adds to a quite neo-grunge vibe which I like very much. Colour of the season, sea-blue, injects fresh energy into the traditional Horace pieces such as their typical "shredded" clothes (which you can see in the third and seventh picture).
Above you can see some of my favourite looks from the collection. My favourite pieces have to be the bi-coloured blouse in the fifth and sixth picture and the patent leather jacket in the ninth picture.

I still covet and treasure my beloved black knitted jumper which I bought three years ago on Asos. It adds such a strong touch to whatever you wear it with. Below you can see it (it's available in the online shop again, even on a discount at the moment!).

images courtesy of Horace (thank you very much Ayo!) and asos.com

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