This Is How I Roll

H&M blazer, jeans and socks, Lee Cooper blouse, All Saints shoes, Asos bag, Topshop earrings and ring

I didn't think that I would end up jumping around like crazy in this shoot. But maybe it was the rolled up jeans that provoked the fun? Or was it just me being me?

Anyway, what we've got here is the reinvention of some basics everyone has in their wardrobes. The spring blazer (which I also wore here last year), white semi-transparent blouse and basic not too skinny jeans. These were actually my first "skinny jeans". When I bought them aged 15 or 16 I thought they were really tight. Back then I obviously didn't know how tight trousers could really be made...

Let's explain the outfit: As spring approaches, you naturally want to show that you're heading in the right direction to summer's top trends. But if you haven't been shopping for the new trends this season, or even don't intend to, how can you show that you're hip and in the know? By simply rolling up everything you have on your body, I'd say. You can do this all year round; it's not necessarily a trend but it injects unexpected freshness into your outfit.

I started with adjusting my jeans and baring a bit of innocent nude dotted sock. And hey ho, before you see, you have a wholly different look! Why didn't anyone tell you this before you might ask.
And then, to emphasize the rolling-up mood, you can handle your blazer sleeves if you wish. Place them near your elbows like you see me holding them tight in the first photo. They'll try to roll back down - be persistent and hold them in place as if they were little children wanting too many sweets.

In the end we'll have a look which looks different but not too different; people will notice but not stare the hell out of you. And in the end that's what you want right?

Also, my hair is out of control. I'm growing it out. Please excuse the mess.

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  1. You look so cool. I love the rolled up jeans :)

  2. I love this outfit! Really cool with the shorter sleeved blazer.


  3. first. love the title. second.. amazing style :) x

  4. Love how this outfit looks so cute and comfortable!

  5. love ur blog!
    this jacket is amazing!
    come follow me <3




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