Shoe Friday #47

When they first came around, sneaker wedges received a nod of approval by many heads but not mine. In fact, I was shaking my head so often, I wonder how it's still on its place. But as they've stuck around for so long, I got used to them and slightly changed my opinion, as I did with skinny jeans, leggings, leopard print and Scarlett Johansson.

High-top sneaker wedges are just plain old cool and will be worn by everyone; hip hop queens, 14-year-old bloggers, man repellers, classy Italians and even Bryanboy (who loves his Marc by Marc Jacobs Jacobs pair, left). Topshop followed suit quickly and has created a couple of wedge trainers to revel the designer sneakers. My favourite one you can see above. I like that it combines two, no three, trends in one piece - sneaker wedge (really?), floral print and pastel colours.

Will you be rocking sneaker wedges this spring?
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McQ by Alexander McQueen AW12 - One Look

Isn't this just beautiful? The whole look is put together so well. I especially like the strong contrast between the dark tartan skirt and thick belt and the delicate lace top.

What do you think? Do you like it? See the whole collection here.

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Vanessa Paradis for Interview Russia May 2012

How cool is this cover? Interview magazine always produces stunning imagery and this time it isn't different. Vanessa Paradis has been transformed into a biker girl - with motorcycle, studded cut-off gloves and smokey eyes she plays her role very well. Only Vanessa's hairstyle reveals her French roots.

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Shoe Friday #46

Quite a difference from last week's Shoe Friday, these Givenchy sandals convince with their sharp shark-inspired teeth and slightly crooked heel. The only question; which colour will you choose?
Get them here and here.
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Replay's Laserblast

Watch this! And no, it's not Twilight but Replay producing an eye-catching ad which promotes Laserblast, a new way to modify their jeans. 

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Shoe Friday #45

Those shoes are so beautfiul, I don't know how to start writing about them! They can only be Gucci; the rich and opulent design speaks for itself. And the combination between black and gold makes them stand out so well. Also notice the details - a gold mirrored heel, cut into many pieces, a small peeptoe and those delicate ankle straps! What's not to love?

Get them here and here.
images via, collage by me
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Vroom Vroom, Can You Hear Me?

This (awesome, may I say) collage proofs that I definitely watched Ghost Rider way too often (like 8,9 times?). Clearly, this influences what I like wearing and seeing on the catwalks. Leather, biker jackets, metals, chains and heavy boots are some of my favourite materials and garments. Brands who use them a lot are Balmain, Balenciaga, Helmut Lang and so on.
The foundation of this particular look is the Balenciaga biker jacket I spotted a few days ago on At the moment I am on the hunt for THE leather jacket and I've already seen hundreds but this one is one of the most outstanding jackets. From then on, adding Helmut Lang leather pants and fierce boots (again by Balenciaga) was the only option. Including the badass Suzuki motorbike felt natural ;-)

I'd love to watch Ghost Rider 2 but I've heard it's not nearly as good as the first part. I might watch it but then it could ruin the idea of Ghost Rider... What's your opinion of the sequel?

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2 In 1

When you get clothes and accessories which feature more seasonal trends than one, you know you've scored.
In this case we have clutches (or: the new bag size which is as tiny as possible) and the bling-bling trend, also known as metallic, which has stayed on our side since last season.

The upper clutch, courtesy of Alexander McQueen, is delicately embroidered with milky pearls and even the typical skull handle uses the precious stones as teeth. Nonetheless, the romantic touch stays.
Below, we see a great contrast to the upper accessory. Geometric gold and silver pieces are stiched on the bag and give it a fierce feel; the perfect partner of the strong woman. Balmain is always her first choice.

Will you rock small bags, metals and shiny pearls this summer?

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images via, collage by me

Shoe Friday #44

Walking on needles? That's how it looks like. Literally.
These magenta coloured heels also include a small platform and t-bar straps - everything but the heel and colour is kept to a minimum. Available at Zara.

images via, collage by me.
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Inside Vogue's Shoe Closet

After seeing this, don't you wish to be locked up in Vogue's shoe closet for a week (or month)?
If you want to see more shoes and shoe obsesseurs, watch the documentary God Save My Shoes. 

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Zara shirt and scarf, Sicko Nineteen jeans,vintage leather jacket, Topshop boots
Now I'm back in the land of Swarovski, Apfelstrudel and Helmut Lang (as my latest facebook update says). I haven't been in my home town Vienna since last August, my longest stay away I guess?
The quick iPhone snapshot shows what I wore for the flight. Just jeans, shirt and leather jacket - the all-time winning combo. You can also see the obvious "that's my plane" snap ;-)
Now I'm off to enjoy the sunshine here, wohoo!
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