Shoe Friday #56

Chelsea boots are quite cool I think - I've already posted one pair last September, for Shoe Friday #17. The ones I'm showing you today are by Acne and a bit higher than the previos ones. Look at the heel and notice how it doesn't stop where it should have. That's how Acne works ;-)
Have a good weekend everyone!

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Leather, Fringes and Clouds

Wearing autumn looks in summer has become something normal in the latest weeks. But it also has its benefits - wearing leather jackets for example. This one is from trusty All Saints (indulge in their sale here) and just mega rad. I really like the subtle Native American feel which comes from the  pleats and fringes.

On another note, I've coloured my hair again. About three weeks ago? I've already got 1 cm long roots... Also, I'm currently matching my hair ties to my outfits which is kinda fun.

If you're following me on instagram (@styleexplorer), you've probably got to see my awesome cloud nails already, done by the Pow Wow girls at Friday's Ballad Of... Baby K launch party. I'm really into nail art and constantly want to do all of my friends' nails haha. I started to follow this and this blog for some nail art inspo. But there are lots and lots of other great ones so don't restrict yourself ;-)
What are your favourite nail blogs?

H&M top, skirt and tights
All Saints leather jacket
Diesel sneakers
D&G watch
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High Definition Beauty - photographed by Xi Sinsong for Elle Vietnam

Some sharp eyeliner action going on here! Haven't worn black eyeliner in ages, and this super beautiful editorial is more than helpful. Hats off to makeup artist Misha Shahzada!
Below you have some more eyeliner options; try it out!
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Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

Normally I don't "Ohhh" and "Ahhh" over resort collections but this one is quite something. The maxi collars, lapels and belts and overall extreme silhouette are truly striking. Also I'm really happy that flares finally made the comeback after all these years ruled by skinny jeans.

The above four looks are my favourites, but make sure to check out the rest of Sarah Burton's newest designs here.

Happy Tuesday!

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Shoe Friday #55

Today I offer you ivory crochet boots brought to you by high street giant Topshop. Looking perfectly sweet. Just don't wear them when the weather is like it was during the last couple of days (aka weeks/months) - rainy, windy and cold...

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American Apparel's Sheer Delight

American Apparel just released their new range consisting of sheer nail polishes. Named after very different beaches such as Zuma and Manhattan beach, they are summer's perfect accessory. Personally, I love how the nail artist created this super colourful dip dye effect for the ad. Like AA's other nail polishes, they are priced at £9.00 and available to buy here.

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Christina Walton at GFW

Christina Walton's graduate collection was themed around the glamorous biker. She took typical biker elements such as the leather jacket, black ankle boots and gloves and adorned them with big and colourful gemstones - worlds away from the term minimalism. With each look more embellishment followed.

The designer kept most of the colours neutral but once Christina decided to play with the palette she didn't disappoint. Lime green and turquoise leather added the right amount of quirkiness to the edgy collection.

Last but not least we have the masterpiece of the collection - the skeleton jumpsuit. Not for everyday but surely a hit at a Halloween party - as ghost of a former motocross champion ;-)

Congratulations to UCA Epsom graduate Christina!
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Shoe Friday #54

I've been wanting to share these wonderful sandals for a long time with you guys. They're fun, cute, shiny and really really beautiful and kitschy in a more elegant and grown-up way. Let's applaud Miu Miu once again for their effecitve designs.

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Amy Nichols at GFW

Amy Nichols' collection was one of my favourites from UCA Epsom's show at Graduate Fashion Week. It revolved around combining silver metallics with Greek mermaid-like dresses and creating a subtle kind of warrior woman. Dresses were kept minimalistic, apart of the intricant details made out of complicated draping and knotting at the waist. The gowns created a floating effect with their long cut, loose fitting and sea-coloured hues.
A printed dress was also included and featured a water colour painting showcasing a mix of gladiators, sandals and some of the sketches for her collection.

Apart from the light and floaty dresses there were silver waistcoats and quilted leather trousers to give the garments a tough edge. The high heeled sandals matched perfectly with Amy Nichols' collection and kept it together.

Headpieces and arm cuffs embellished with silver and blue shells and starfish were carefully placed to enrich the collection.

Well done Amy! Hopefully everything goes well for the budding designer.
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