Blogger Flea Market At The MQ

I figured I could take the camera with me more often this summer to show you a bit more of what I'm doing. So today I took my small digital camera with me as it's obviously more practical and less heavy. Let's start!
I went to Vienna's Museumsquartier, a really great place filled with cafes, restaurants and most importantly, museums and galleries. Young and old people regularly visit the MQ and enjoy the relaxed and creative atmosphere. The place is great for meeting friends, people-watching or strolling around like I did today. I went there mainly for the Fashion Blogger Fleamarket, which was on today from 11am to 7pm.
The red and purple pathway that you see below is actually a runway for a coming up fashion show. Maybe for September's Vienna Fashion Week? That would be possible as the event will be held at the MQ and currently it's the Summer Of Fashion at there so they might use it for other fashion events as well.
A small preview of tomorrow's outfit post. Yay!
That's the Museum Of Modern Art.
Haha, the children (and even adults) had a lot of fun running on the catwalk! It was so much fun watching them :D
The Bloggers sold many things, from nail polishes... make up and accessories...
...and regular unwanted clothes... shoes. Like on a normal fleamarket obviously.
Here someone sold tie dye thights and wisdom tooth jewelry. I don't think they were real (well, I hope so).
Here we have one of the many Vöslauer wagons that were driven around with bicycles. They promoted their new drinks; always love when they give you free food or drinks to try out! The last time I bumped into promoters, they gave us some yummy Oykos yogurt on Oxford Street. Mmmh! 
That's the one I chose! It was good, even though I normally don't like fizzy drinks. So refreshing :-)
I thought the blogger flea market wasn't that great but maybe I arrived too late and all the goodies were already gone. But it was cool seeing some Austrian bloggers, something quite new for me, haha. I didn't go there for the purpose of buying something anyway, just wanted to observe. Does this sound creepy?
But of course being in the MQ, drinking your Vöslauer and watching people out and about is just fantastic. Lean back, watch and relax.
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