Emotional Brilliance At Lush

After yesterday's stroll around the MQ, I continued my walk on the Mariahilferstra├če, a shopping street like Oxford Street but much less big and less cool ;-)
Just as I went out of the MQ, I saw some pretty nice window displays, both belonging to the same shop.
Really like the ducks in the bubbles, so cute! And the colours are awesome as well :-)
After visiting some other stores, I popped into Lush. Just love it there; the colours, the smell and products are fantastic. Yesterday they launched a make-up range which focuses on colourful liquid lipsticks, eyeliners, and creamy eyeshadows. In total they have 30 colours and even launched one mascara with only one preservative.
The bottles look really nice, kind of like medicine bottles haha. But their pop of colour makes them less serious and much more fun.
A lady in the shop urged me to "spin the colour wheel" (which you can do here) and do a colour reading which would describe my emotional state in this very moment (each of the make up colours stands for an emotion after all). It's really fun that Lush make a game out of their products and have fun with them instead of being super serious about them. But hey, that's Lush after all ;-)
After the colour reading, I tried out a lipstick, Glamorous. It's a really strong shade, so I needed only a bit. I guess you can layer it up if you want even bolder lips. In tomorrow's outfit post, you'll see how it looked.

I also tried one green eyeliner on my hand, it was either Intuitive or Healthy (I think it was the latter) and the eyeshadow Happiness. Everything was really smooth and creamy and had a great texture - just like regular eye make up. Also, the brush of the eyeliners is really thin, so you can draw a precise line.

What I like about trying out the make up products, is that the Lush staff give you your own applicators to try out the lip and eye products. That's so much more hygienic than in drug stores!
That's the applicators they use. One for the lips and eyeshadows and the other one for eyeliners. I'll be using the eyeliner one for some nail design! Hopefully it'll work!

Check out all the 30 colours here. Every eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick is yours for £14.50 and the mascara is a bit cheaper with £12.00.

What's your favourite?
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  1. so colorfull post!!! love it!!
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    1. Thank you! I'll be checking out your blog!


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