LFW Streetstyle - Look At The Whole Picture

Couldn't decide between Kate Lanphear pic number one and number two! I'm so glad I found her again during LFW and snapped some good photos of her, wayyyyyyyyy better than the last time I did ;-)
Love her shoes, belt and flares of her dress!

Keep your eyes out for the big final of my street style pics - I saved the very best bit for the last, can you guess what I'm talking about?

Emily ooo
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Shoe Friday #73

Jimmy Choo teamed up with artist Rob Pruitt and that's what came out! There are some other shoes as well but this one stood out to me the most. I like the small doodles on the sole and the fresh hues painted on the heel. And the zebra print makes for a super contrast. Do you like them?

Have an awesome weekend!
Emily ooo
image via net-a-porter.com
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Birthday Wishlist

Good morning! It's my birthday on Tuesday so I figured it was time for the obligatory wishlist. Like every year, I don't want much but obviously you need some things to put on a wishlist! Let's see what's on there...

1. Zara Leather Jacket - I really like this one but I'm not very sure about it as the ones (yes, plural) I tried on were very wrinkly and not smooth like the image depicts. But I love the quilted details and the sharp cut, I've seen so many black leather jackets and this is my ultimate favourite. Unfortunately, it doesn't look good with all the creases...

2. Lush Happy Bathday Gift- Lush is loved by everyone and needs no explanation. It's on my wishlist every year. Anything by Lush does it, really. My brother got me this gift set last year and I loved it! For bath lovers like me the bath bombs and bubble bars are heaven.

3. Ikea Lönsboda Candle - Candles! Also a girl's favourite thing, especially if they come in a pretty glass form like this.

4. Lush Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar - Flowers in the bath, who'd say no?

5. Lush Angel's Delight Soap - This soap looks just amazing! So many gorgeous colours :D

6. Ikea Tindra Candle - This very candle smells so good! And it's huge, you'll have it for long.

Who's birthday is coming closer too? What do you wish for?
Emily ooo

images via lush.co.uk, ikea.com, thecontentcocktail.com, collage by me
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LFW Streetstyle - Let's Get Closer (Pt. 2)

Cuckoo! I've got internet again, which means I can upload tons of images as often as I want which means more blogging, yayyy!

This time I'm showing you the second part of Let's Get Closer which includes more popular faces than last time (who'll spot Olivia Palermo?). If you enjoy my street style snaps, then be happy because there's more to follow :-)

Emily ooo
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