Jewellery Sale Picks

I want to share with you some great jewellery sale finds. But only the colourful ones, as always. It's a good mix of high end and high street, just something for everyone. How pretty they all look together, haha!

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Shoe Friday #82

Brands should produce more pretty sandals, we all know that flats are way more comfortable than heels and can look as good. The designers have to try harder! This pair of gold leather sandals by Oscar de la Renta is the leader of the pack. Take note!

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Gran Canaria: Rewind

Enjoying (...25°C in winter)
Reading (...Company, Stylist and The Female Eunuch)
Ooohing ( nature's wonders)
Eating (...kiwis. I also ate three ice creams in one day. Yes, three)
Relaxing (...and watching the wind move palm leaves)
Walking (...and posing around)
Aaahing ( even more flowers)
Watching (...interesting people and beautiful buildings)

That's pretty much everything I did during my stay in Gran Canaria...
Now, where's the button to press which brings me back?
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Shoe Friday #81

These boots are a great and unexpected update from Acne's Star boots. They're also lower and more comfortable, but still feature the brand's cool-girl vibe. We like - well, I do!
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Walking Under Blue Skies

ZARA top
ZARA trousers
H&M sandals
Today we went to explore the cute city Puerto de Mogán. We saw even more colourful flowers and walked beneath narrow alleys - my favourite walkways! Above are just a few of today's impressions.
Ahhh, can't we have 25 degrees all year round? Everyone would be so much happier and nicer...

I've worn nearly the same outfit here. Man, I'm on holiday, I only packed five shirts and these chinos!

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Greetings From Paradise

Hola from Gran Canaria! I'm currently on the island soaking up sun and listening to the sea. And all this in December! I visited the island exactly one year ago as well and was happy to come back again.
In the next days we'll visit the capital Las Palmas and I'll be looking out for Zara stores. What do you think I'd be doing in the birthland of my favourite shop? Especially when everything here is so much cheaper...

Of course, I'm not only shopping here (I never understand people who are on holiday in a different city/country and go shopping; visit the attractions, watch people, eat local food but please don't go only shopping. Nowadays you can get anything you want online anyway...).
I can't wait til we get into Las Palmas, it's such a colourful city. Hope to take some fun photos!

Happy holidays everyone :-)
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Shoe Friday #80

Shoe Friday #80 brings you a mega new combo: The successful pairing of gladiator sandal and cowboy boot. I've never seen anything like this before and I'm quite fascinated by it. The Cowglad boot (nah, doesn't work) is by Topshop and also has the shape of my favourite boot at the moment - this one - and the same metal cap details.
So now you can wear some gladiator's during winter without getting wet feet; the boot is also great for muddy September festivals.What do you think of it?

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Shoe Friday #79

This pair of Nicholas Kirkwood heels just screams candy-coloured FUN! With that I wish you a very happy weekend :-)
Emily ooo

images via and, collage by me
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Insta Mix

Carnaby Street Xmas decoration
Pancake Sunday // Gü melting pud indulgence
Pink roses // furry fun courtesy of Stylist magazine
Necklaces over knit and blouse
Valentino exhibition leaflet // trying out every possible eye make up at Topshop
Having even more fun with H&m x MMM and Lush
My beloved Topshop cowboy boots // Knit and skirt combo
One of my faces when on the train // some of my golden girls

Some Instagram snapshots from the past weeks... find me on @styleexplorer!
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