Welcoming Agyness Deyn's Title A

Finally finally finally Agyness Deyn has released her AW14 range for Title A, her new womenswear line. Working with sister Emily and designer Tracy Moore, the team has created a pared down yet super cool line, reflecting Agyness' own style which is known to be androgynous, cool and above all focused on comfort.

Title A offers elegant basics and phenomenally well-designed tailoring. Although many pieces were inspired by menswear, the team successfully transformed the jackets, trousers and shirts into pieces any adventurous and open-minded woman would want to wear. Apart of suits, the collection also offers female garments such as dresses and skirts which are made of luscious red velvets and are embellished with soft, calm prints.

But what I like most about the brand is its authenticity - forget campaigns where models try to sell a raunchy, sexy image, writhing their bodies until they hurt just to look appealing (to men, women, themselves?). No - this campaign is so very different from the monotonous rest and I want to say a big massive THANK YOU to Title A for injecting such freshness, and most importantly, normality into their imagery. Because I cannot tell you how annoyed I am of always seeing the same sexist, boring and uninspiring ads where models either look DEAD or as if they're at the height of pleasure (which obviously comes from a bag... a BAG!!).

Title A's campaign features Agyness' friend and photographer Moni, who actually refused to act as model at first (which is noteworthy in itself!) but was then convinced to take part (thank God). And I really like their campaign shots much more than their lookbook photos. Do you know why? Because a woman - and this really is a woman - of Moni's age looks DAMN good in those suits. She wears them, not the other way around. And you can just sense her "I don't give a crap" attitude which I love. The other model still has to ascend to that level (all young women, forgive me, not-there-yet-females need to).

Title A is here and much more is coming soon; expect four collections a year (please don't overwork yourselves - I'm serious) including leathers, sunglasses and my favourite form of accessory, shoes. I am very curious to see what ideas they'll come up with and will definitely keep them in my peripheral vision. You should too.

Buy Title A's designs on titlea.com and net-a-porter.com and follow Title A on Instagram and Twitter @Title_A_ for updates

 All images via titlea.com and @Title_A_ on Instagram. Collages by me.

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